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About DoctorsMedi

DoctorsMedi is a medical services network develop a virtual bridge between the doctors, patients, hospitals, pharmacies even the pharmaceutical companies that enables plug-n-play for a wide list of doctors from different hospitals. A list of pharmacies are engaged in online order from patient through ePrescription.

Patient can book appointment for phone consultation, video consultation or consultation at doctor’s chamber. All electronic medical record including diagnostic report is made available in real-time and simultaneously automatically stored in the patient’s electronic medical record with EMR and EHR systems. It’s also contains the physician’s diagnosis and other medical and demographic information. learn more DoctorsMedi EMR and EHR system


From Anywhere + Video Consultation + Phone Consultation + Message Consultation + Consultation At Chamber

Patient - What you can do from DoctorsMedi?




From Anywhere + Video Consultation + Phone Consultation + Message Consultation + Consultation At Chamber

What services you can provide by DoctorsMedi?

What you can manage from DoctorsMedi?

Manage your revenues in DoctorsMedi?

How it Works

Patient: Book an online appointment for video consultation or phone consultation or message consultation or consultation at chamber with pay online of pay at the chamber facility. If new in DoctorsMedi can attached the previous diagnostic report once when create appointment.

Doctor: Consultation will made as per patient choosing request. After consultation input decision and advise with scan or attach demographic documents to DoctorsMedi "Consultation Record Form". Instantly the 'prescription', 'pharmacy order' and 'bill' is ready for print and eTransfered to patient account.

Hospital: As a hospital can manage records and bills of all the patients of doctors who if listed in the hospital.

Pharmacy: If patient place online order to a pharmacy the pharmacy will see the 'pharmacy order' which issued by a doctor.

EHR system: DoctorsMedi EHR (Electronic Health Record) system contains the patient's records from multiple doctors and provides a more holistic, long-term view of a patient's health. It includes their demographics, test results, medical history, history of present illness (HPI), and medications




FAQ's from Patients

Browse DoctorsMedi.com, select your desire area or desire hospital then click "Find Consultant". You will see the doctors list with their information pricing and timing. You can book an appointment as per availability for deferent types consultation.

Mobile App: We will launch DoctorsMedi app very soon so that you will not need to open DoctorsMedi from any browser on your mobile.
Login: When you book an appointment first time DoctorsMedi ask you to give your mobile and a password. Next any time you can access the DoctorsMedi with your mobile number and password.
ePrescriptions: End of every consultation doctor input his decision and advice then ePrescription, pharmacy order and your bill ready. You can access them any time for further need.
Diagnostic test history: Your all diagnostic test will scan and store in database so that it can find any time for further need.
Health Records: Your historic health record history will help you or any medical service provider to find out when and what medical services you take, your doctors etc.
Yes you can download and print your all documents and reports any time several times.
It depends of doctor's or hospital's offer and type of your services. If you take any services physically from doctors chamber you can pay at chamber. for video, phone, messages other online services you can pay online by credit/debit card or bKash or other mobile banking. offer will see when you book appointment.
No! Its free for patients.
We currently support English and will be rolling out support for other languages very soon. Contact us to know more.

FAQ's from Doctors

Health services Providers/Doctors get a full-fledged Virtual Practice that can be accessed from any browser. Providers also get Android app that are available for FREE download from the app stores. The Virtual Practice allows you to manage your patients, appointments, conduct telehealth video calls, manage care plans, answer patient questions, manage your care team and much more. We offer a free trial which allows to try out all the features.
No limit! your data will be stored unlimited till you are active in DoctorsMedi.
Once we have all the required information, then all the facilities should be available within a few days.
Completely. Your data is encrypted and sent via secure SSL connection, so you never have to worry about your private details going public.
DoctorsMedi design two types of application:

1. Browser based: DoctorsMedi is 100% web-based, so you just need an internet connection and a browser. So you don't need any installation in your end.

2. Android based: If you want to use it from android, you can download our android app from play store and install it in your tablet or smartphone for operate without any interruption from internet or electricity breakdown.

for patients, free and alwase will be.
For doctors, no revenue no charge system: Simply you will be charged only 10% on your transactions in doctorsMedi. reason to pay 10%

Simply you thing, we are here for selling your service or product with using a latest technology with our customer care department ready to train and counseling the system for your patients..
1. Software: Your all transactions, documents including your patients EHR history and documents stored in DoctorsMedi with unlimited storage size. You and your patients anytime from anywhere access DoctorsMedi to see history, print records, statements and documents.
2. Database: Unlimited storage with access facility for all data and documents.
3. R&D: The system is own by doctorsmedi and doctorsmedi allways updating the system by its own R&D department.
4. Support: Unlimited message support and phone support for patients and doctors from our "State Of The Art" technology support system.

Fixed charge: For massive transactions, you can negotiate a fixed monthly charge for your convenience.
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